Two $10.00 Custom Textures

23 01 2009

Texture 1:

The preview has text over it, and reduced some size.

Texture 2: 

Just released!

now you can buy to signature textures by me, AllenGfx, I’m offering to sell you these 2 textures for $10.00 USD each, they are made by me and i assure you woulnt find this texture anywhere else on the internet, if your interested in buying ¬†these check the “contact” page and find your way to contact me today!

President Barack Obama Inauguration

23 01 2009

Well the hype of almost the whole world is the new 44th American president Barack Obama, and on January 20, 2009 he was inaugurated into office and made it official.He is the first African American president and he has truly told every person that anything is possible. Here is full coverage of the inauguration and this historical moment.

Congrats to president Obama!

“The Last Breath” Digital Art

23 01 2009

This piece of art by itself is amazing, it represents how the last breath before you die is almost magical and how really effects everyone around you and possibly even the world, just thought I’d show you this and what it represents,this is one of the best digital arts ive seen

Basic Pen Tool Glow Tutorial

23 01 2009

This tutorial that I made teaches you how to make a basic pen tool glow around any object, here is my final outcome.

Official Opening

22 01 2009

Welcome To AllenGfx, this is the official opening of my portfolio/blog, here you will find my latest designs, interesting designs, blogs, music, and more! This site will allow RSS Feed if you are interested in that, anyways, thanks for coming to the site and checkin itout, if you wanted to talk about designs please view the contact page. Thanks for coming,


Hello world!

5 11 2008

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